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Sustainable Swap: 4 New Green Alternatives for Eco-Friendly Manufacturing

At The Bernard Group, eco-friendly is a way of life. It’s part of everything we do, no matter how complex. And as conscious consumers, we know it’s important to you, too, which is why we’ve added four all-new green alternative materials to our lineup of sustainable products. With new eco options for Wall Decals, Floor Graphics and Clear Signs, we practice what we preach produce.

Go Big on Your Booth: 11 Conference & Trade Show Booth Ideas

The trade show or conference floor can be overwhelming. So many vendors, so many gimmicks. Get noticed for all the right reasons with our patented* trade show booth ideas. From banners that draw attendees (and potential clients) in, to handouts that leave a memorable impression, our trade show and conference marketing strategies ensure you not only succeed, but also show off.

*Not actually patented. But they’re really good!

styGreen: An Eco-Friendly Sign of the Times

Ready to green your in-store marketing routine? Do it with our eco-alternative to styrene: styGreen®. Plant-based and recyclable, this eco-friendly sign material sends the right message on your business and retail signage. We spoke to Matt Hazel, senior director of Supply Chain Management at The Bernard Group, about what makes this sustainable substrate so special.

FSC Certified Wood: Why Sustainable Materials Matter

At The Bernard Group, we’re constantly developing and offering eco-friendly design solutions to our clients. One such solution? FSC certified wood products. For marketing concepts and retail fixtures, these sustainably-sourced materials prove that what you use to build your projects is just as important as the designs themselves.

Packaging Inserts: 7 Ideas (& Tips) to Increase Engagement

Whether you’re shipping products to existing customers, new clients or potential ones, Insert Cards can make a strong impression. As such, packaging inserts are an important marketing strategy you’ll want to consider as you grow your business and brand.

Fan the Flame: Keap’s Sustainable Saddle Stitch Booklets

These days, amidst a constant barrage of noise and chaos, how do you reconnect with yourself and the natural world around you? For the creators of Keap, the answer was simple: candles. But not just any candles – premium candles that are better for the environment. See how they light a fire under their sales with Saddle Stitch Booklets and pour sustainability into each jar.

Introducing Rose Gold Foil: Add Allure to Print Marketing & More

Ready to have your print projects flash before your eyes? With our NEW rose gold foil, that’s literally going to happen. Its warm pink-copper color adds can’t-miss character to print marketing and personal projects alike. It’s now available on all of our Foil Printing products, plus three NEW ones: Foil Postcards, Foil Brochures and Foil Bookmarks. You asked for them, we delivered.

Jewelry Marketing: 3 Ways to Add Bling to Your Business

Distinct, polished, stunning. Three words jewelry insiders love to hear about their custom pieces. Do your online printing with The Bernard Group and you’ll hear them about your jewelry marketing, too. From presentation to promotion to package inserts, see how our three Ps of print marketing advertise more than just accessories. (Oh, and these tips easily translate to any retail industry, regardless of bling or business.)

Introducing Spot Gloss: A Radiant, Reflective Finish

To make your print piece truly special, you need a specialty finish. And our newest addition is spot on. Introducing spot gloss, an embellishment that truly brings the wow factor. Similar to clear foil, spot gloss adds an unexpected shine to your print marketing and customized stationery. The result? An ultra-polished, vibrant look.