FSC Certified Wood: Why Sustainable Materials Matter

At The Bernard Group, we’re constantly developing and offering eco-friendly design solutions to our clients. One such solution? FSC certified wood products. For marketing concepts and retail fixtures, these sustainably-sourced materials prove that what you use to build your projects is just as important as the designs themselves.

What is FSC Certification?

FSC is the Forest Stewardship Council. Founded in 1993, its purpose is to promote sustainably-managed forests through land stewardship rather than boycotts of the forest products industry. In a nutshell, the council sets standards for responsible forest management. With FSC certification, you can trust there’s no misuse of materials or wasteful processes when it comes to sourcing. 


The type of certification depends on where the producer is in the supply chain – different producers are given different certifications. For instance, Management certifications are given to forest land managers who meet a certain criteria. And the more well-known Chain of Custody certification is given to suppliers and manufacturers. 


For wood to be FSC certified, it all comes down to the forestry practices that produce it. Certification is dictated by the growing and harvesting process rather than any genetic characteristics of the trees. The wood is actually graded the same as other commercially-available wood products, but it’s the forestry practices that give it the winning edge.


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A foggy forest with lush, green trees.

How FSC Wood Wows

When it comes to FSC wood, the biggest advantage is knowing that the material you’re using is provided by forest management and harvesting techniques that maintain the quality and productivity of the land. 


Another advantage? FSC certified wood can be used as a direct replacement for conventionally harvested wood. In other words, there’s no difference aesthetically, thus making it as versatile as ever.


And because nearly every wood product that’s used commercially is available with FSC certification, your design playing field just got a whole lot wider. Think beyond solid lumber to sheet stock like MDF or particle board, plus decorative face veneers on furniture. It really can be used for any project.


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A small seedling growing in a forest.


As an eco-friendly company, it’s crucial we walk the talk when it comes to sustainable material offerings. It’s what our customers have come to expect, after all – we know our clients are actively seeking these types of products.


FSC and other certifications are definitely moving up on the importance list for our clients,” said The Bernard Group Millwork Manager Jeremy Olson. For us to remain viable into the future, it’s imperative we understand our impact on the environment.”


And as for FSC wood and other eco-friendly materials, we find our conscious customers truly care about the big picture when it comes to printing.


“The decision to transition to certified wood from non-certified wood is usually an easy one for most of our clients,” said Olson. “All of our suppliers are Chain of Custody certified, allowing us to procure certified products for our production and client needs.”


It’s those increasing needs that prove eco is the only way to go. “It gives us a great feeling knowing we’re doing our part to encourage sustainable and regenerative practices in our production processes and our industry,” said Olson.