It requires a certain kind of person to work at The Bernard Group. We are rich with champion employees who are inherently driven to “wow” our clients and their fellow employees. This is an everyday occurrence and it’s the foundation of our culture. Sound like a good fit?

The Bernard Group is rich with champion employees who are inherently driven to “wow” our clients and their fellow employees.

Advantages of being a TBG Employee

Excellent Pay and Benefits

Our practice is to hire top talent and pay them competitively.  We provide medical, dental, vision, we offer a generous paid time off benefit that increases with tenure, a 401(k) plan, short-and long-term disability insurance, life insurance, and the ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan).

We are 100% Employee-Owned

This means there are far greater benefits to be had as owners.  When the company succeeds, its employees – instead of some publicly traded or a few individual owners – participate in the success through incentives and shares of the company.

It is true that the heart of our core values is to “wow” our clients and “wow” each other as we work for something bigger than ourselves.  However, we are keenly aware of how important it is to be able to retire at some point with peace of mind, avoiding a life of living pay-day to pay-day. Those of us who practice these core values each day contribute into each other’s lives with the hope of some financial freedom.

A Culture of Freedom and Trust

We have proven that top talent, given the ability to make decisions, will consistently trump a top down management style.  Freedom requires accountability but it’s our experience that talented people are most often self-governing, know their work well, and often better qualified to make judgment calls than management.  We find this makes for an empowered workforce and a satisfying culture to work in.

We Work in Teams

Building strong teams is critical to our mission.  A talented team of people with the right chemistry aren’t focused on self, they’re focused on serving each other and the client.

There is no process we know of that can compare to a talented team of engaged people.  It’s not only a formula for success but it’s a whole lot more fun.

Our Mission

To work together as a team to win for our clients while being part of a company that provides an equitable and engaged partnership for co-owners.

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