Recycled Magnets: How We Got Sustainability to Stick

Two hands holding a custom magnet printed with Camp Lakeland.

As an environmentally conscious company, we’re always trying to eco-ify our products and practices. The latest one we’re drawn to? Recycled magnets. With five magnet products in our repertoire, we had another opportunity to make the sustainable option the only option – so we did! See why our new eco friendly magnet material is the main attraction.

Material Mindset

Manufacturing with recycled magnets just makes sense. After all, the Earth itself is a magnet.

(We interrupt this article with a quick geology lesson: The planet’s core is made up of mostly iron, thus giving Earth its very own magnetic field – hello, North and South Poles. This magnetic field protects us by deflecting a bunch of scary stuff like solar winds, radiation and charged particles from the sun. And now back to your regularly-scheduled article.)

This new magnet process fits right in with The Bernard Group’s commitment to sustainability and provides yet another green option for our conscious clients. The magnet material itself contains 75% recycled content, 100% of which is pre-consumer recycled content.

Complete with a printed vinyl face, our magnets are part of a “closed-loop” process, and it’s a pretty cool one at that. Here’s how it works:

  1. We get a roll of the magnet material from our vendor.
  2. Any material we don’t use after a project is printed gets returned to our vendor.
  3. Our vendor recycles this unused scrap material and makes new rolls out of it.
  4. The new rolls are then sent to us so we can print new projects with it.

(As a customer-focused manufacturer, we’re all about full disclosure: The vinyl face is not made of recycled content. But don’t worry, we’re working on it.)

Powerful Products

Recycled magnets are now available on all of our magnet products, so no matter your custom magnet needs, you can do it in a low-impact way. What kinds of magnets? These kinds of magnets:

Business Card Magnets

  • Perfect for networking and promoting your brand or business.
  • Can be easily slipped into sales kits and marketing packages or handed out at conferences.
  • Available in custom sizes and shapes, plus horizontal and vertical orientations.

Die-Cut Magnets

  • Perfect for branding, marketing and advertising.
  • Digital die cutting available in any shape, pattern, lettering, etc.
  • Especially good for complex brand logos or designs.

Magnet Calendars

  • Perfect for brand awareness, name recognition and as part of a multi-piece marketing package.
  • Can include 12 or 18 months and suit specific schedules (school year, sports season, etc.).
  • Available in custom sizes.

Car Magnets

  • Perfect for on-the-go marketing for your business, products and services.
  • Features strong and durable .030 mil vinyl that has a 95-pound pull (aka it’s staying put).
  • Available in custom sizes and shapes.

Save the Date Magnets

  • Perfect for business or personal events (fundraisers, conferences, weddings, milestone celebrations, etc.).
  • Can be slipped into envelopes for easy mailing.
  • Available in custom sizes.

Hint: Need magnet design inspo? We’ve got that, too: Magnetic Marketing: 5 Ways to Print Magnets & Attract Attention.

A woman wearing a blue Smartpress T-shirt and safety goggles sorts through recycled magnet material in a production facility.
A cardboard box full of the scraps from recycled magnets in a production facility.

Rethinking Recycling

Our goal was to offer recycled magnets to our clients and customers, but as a sustainable business, we took it one step further – it’s just what we do. That one step further came in 2022, as we began recycling our magnet material for the first time ever.

We set our sights high, wanting to improve the performance of our waste program throughout all facilities across The Bernard Group and our online division, Smartpress. Our ultimate objective was to divert 500 tons of waste to its proper disposal.

The result is a win that’s stuck with us since then. We exceeded that goal, with a total of 538 tons of redirected waste. Plus, we made our recycling program even more top-of-mind for our employees with improved communication (turns out, the right email goes a long way).

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