Sustainable Swap: 4 New Green Alternatives for Eco-Friendly Manufacturing

At The Bernard Group, eco-friendly is a way of life. It’s part of everything we do, no matter how complex. And as conscious consumers, we know it’s important to you, too, which is why we’ve added four all-new green alternative materials to our lineup of sustainable products. With new eco options for Wall Decals, Floor Graphics and Clear Signs, we practice what we preach produce.

Two hands holding fanned-out custom posters and flyers with eco-friendly messages.

Passing the Test

Adding eco-friendly materials to our premium services is no easy task. But as a company that knows the value of a shrinking carbon footprint, it’s one we tackle head-on. As your trusted partner, we ensure the alternatives we source are of the highest quality, testing each material so all you have to do is add your design.


“We have close relationships with manufacturers and distributors, and they know sustainability is our passion,” said Matt Hazel, senior director of Supply Chain Management at The Bernard Group. From recycled paper stocks to sustainable signage, “a number of criteria must be met in order for us to bring a material to market. It has to work and it must come from sources that are reliable and responsible.”


To meet that sustainable criteria, each material goes through an extensive testing process. The end result? A product that performs just as well, if not better, than its non-sustainable counterpart. “Our goal is to offer a sustainable material that prints as it should and looks amazing,” said Hazel. “Many people are accustomed to seeing print on beautiful virgin material – what they imagine as perfect material. I hope to see the world redefine what we see as perfect.” 

Hint: As a sustainable shop, we walk the walk. Take your first step: Sustainable Solutions: Eco-Friendly Printing, Step by Step.

The Green Choice

When it comes to eco-friendly manufacturing, it’s very much a “you asked, we listened” kind of thing. These four new sustainable materials are now available in part because we wanted them to be, but also because you did. And you told us.


“We’ve seen customer demand grow as we educate people on the fact that there are green alternatives to just about every non-sustainable material,” said Hazel. “We’re trying to make our world a cleaner place for all of us, and we can all make a difference.”


Here are our latest eco-friendly products to help you do just that with business signage, office decor and retail marketing:

Textured Paper-Based Wall Decal (FSC)

  • Sustainable alternative for Wall Decals
  • Paper-based with a bright white surface
  • Tear-resistant and reinforced for strength and durability
  • Removable with a release liner for easy peel-and-stick application
  • Slight weave texture and matte finish adds visual interest and helps cover surface imperfections

Smooth Paper-Based Wall Decal (FSC)

  • Sustainable alternative for Wall Decals
  • Paper-based
  • Removable gloss paper
  • Cannot be laminated

100% Recycled PETG

  • Sustainable alternative for Clear Signs
  • Made with up to 100% recycled content
  • Contains a minimum of 50% scrap content
  • Ideal for applications needing improved rigidity
  • Easy to print, form and fabricate

Paper-Based Floor Graphic (FSC)

  • Sustainable alternative for Floor Graphics
  • Environmentally-responsible, pressure-sensitive floor graphic material
  • Plant-based without lamination
  • Easy to install and remove without air bubbles
  • Adheres to carpet and smooth/sealed floors
Custom posters lined up in rows with

Make a Change

Whether you’re designing marketing for your retail space, displaying custom artwork in your office or simply creating personal projects, it’s easy to make a sustainable swap with our eco-friendly options. As Hazel puts it, switching out one material at a time can make a big difference.


“Our company cares about people and we care about the world we live in. Is there one perfect material to fix the world? Probably not. But we have a lot of really great choices to start with. I believe the ripples we create change things beyond our vision… Let’s make our ripples good ones!”