Magnetic Marketing: 5 Ways to Print Magnets & Attract Attention

While custom magnets obviously make great refrigerator decorations, they’re also essential marketing tools. Whether you hand them out at trade shows, include them in multi-piece marketing packages or offer them as promotional giveaways, we have FIVE types of magnets to ensure your message stays put. And the best part? You can customize yours in any shape and size, with no predetermined parameters. How’s that for a strategy that sticks?

Die-cut magnets printed with custom graphics and shapes.
Six custom die-cut magnets printed with a red, yellow and brown design and a star in the middle.

#1 – Designing with Die Cuts

Using online printing to create Die-Cut Magnets means you get to design and print just about anything you want. We offer simple and complex die cutting to make the process easy. Choose simple die cutting for circles, ovals, squares and rectangles. For any other cuts or shapes, choose complex die cutting for your design.

Available in three thicknesses, die-cut magnets are great for company logos and branding, showing school spirit with cutouts of mascots and sports equipment, or incorporating detailed, unusual shapes specific to your industry. (Think wine bottles for wineries, lawn mowers for landscapers, headphones for tech brands, broccoli stalks for grocers… you get the idea.)

Perfect for indoor or outdoor use (we recommend .030 mil vinyl for outdoor), die-cut magnets come in handy for all kinds of advertising. Michael Lewis, owner of Homestead Coffee Roasters, uses magnets to build recognition of his brand’s logo and coordinating colors.

“We created these magnets as free merch to include in our customers’ orders,” Lewis said. “We wanted something fun, attractive and useful that would keep our customers connected to our brand without [it] being in-your-face.” 

Lewis even offers multiple magnet variations so customers could collect them all. “We’re most impressed by the quality of the magnets, from the printed color to the thickness and strength. They’re exactly what we hoped they’d be,” he said.

Design Tip: Get creative with both your design and usage! 

  • Add fun quotes, inspirational verses, commemorative dates or favorite photos for gifting. 
  • Let them double as operational signage with workplace notifications, tasks and reminders or labels for cabinets and receptacles.
A car magnet printed in a custom shape with
Three vehicle magnets printed in the shape of a margarita can with

#2 – On-the-Go Marketing

When you’re on the move, there’s no better option than custom Car Magnets. Printed with strong and durable .030 mil vinyl, vehicle magnets let you promote your brand on your personal or company car. 

Adhering with a 95-pound pull, our magnetic car signs draw attention to your products and services and can even display your contact information as potential customers pass by. With die-cutting options, you can print your car magnets in whatever shape you need.

Lauren Richards, creative director of Cocktail Courier, took that idea to heart. Her Party Can by Cocktail Courier magnet features a can shape, vibrant colors and bold graphics that get noticed and then some.

“We have a Party Can vehicle for promotional events and deliveries and we wanted a fun way to display the product, as well as new additions to the lineup,” she said.

Richards’ design required a complex die cut and she has plans for other car sign magnets to coincide with future Party Can releases. She says working with us was straightforward.

“The magnet format allows us to be more flexible. The directions for dielines were clear and we were able to create the custom shape ourselves – ordering was even easier,” she said, noting that “digital proofs were sent promptly, production time was short and delivery was really quick.”

Design Tip: Follow these guidelines for flawless magnet printing:

  • Avoid thin fonts. Regular or bold fonts work best to ensure full visibility of letters and numbers.
  • We recommend sans-serif fonts (since many serif fonts can be too thin).
  • When adding photography, make sure images are at least 150 PPI.

#3 & #4 – The Whole Package

When you’re designing marketing collateral, calendars and business cards are often included. And thanks to Magnet Calendars and Business Card Magnets, that collateral takes on a practical element customers love.

With both personalized magnets and unique business cards, you can mail one multi-piece package to reach target audiences or simply hand them out individually at events and conferences. 

We even let you design custom calendar magnets to include 12 or 18 months, begin in August to coincide with schools, list company events and milestones or incorporate only the months of a specific selling season.

For Gretchen Fangman Burcham, art director at Fangman Designs, magnet calendars were a simple yet strategic staple for one of her clients.

“They send them out to new wedding clients as part of their welcome package,” she said, noting the calendar magnets “have been very helpful and handy, especially for people planning weddings who need to be thinking of things in advance.” Fitting advice during a pandemic, or when life simply happens and you have to pivot!

Design Tip: When printing magnets as part of your marketing collateral: 

  • Include a comprehensive message with your website, contact and branding information.
  • To mail packages of collateral to new or prospective clients, leverage our kitting services through Custom Quote.
  • Bring a stack of magnets to events, meetings and trade shows to easily hand out. Even if recipients don’t need your services yet, bet you end up on their fridge or file cabinet!
Four save the date magnets with a man and woman standing in front of a carousel.

#5 – Memorable Reminders

For events big and small, skip the traditional announcements and leave a lasting impression with Save the Date Magnets. As with all of our magnet products, your save the dates can be any shape and size to suit your project.

Doubling as an invitation and a souvenir, event magnets are perfect for company functions with your logo and brand colors, birthday parties with personal photos or anniversary celebrations with the couple’s favorite quote. (Hint: Use our Versions feature to print multiple magnet invitations with the same size, shape and specs but varying content for different events.)

For Le’Trice Penn, owner and lead designer of Lepenn Designs, LLC, the magnet format was exactly what her client wanted, forgoing the traditional wedding stationery.

“My client loved the concept of their guests keeping [it] on the refrigerator and giving it multiple uses, as opposed to it going in a drawer or on a table,” Penn said. “They wanted to make sure their guests could constantly see the date and ensure their travel plans were set.”

And if you think you have to stick to simple graphics, think again. Our online printing services let you design magnets with detailed photography and text, like Penn’s.

“My clients loved the engagement photo and having all of the important details together front and center in great colors and crisp wording and graphics,” she said. “I also greatly appreciate how quickly you set up proofs and get the production completed. That really helps my timelines with clients.”

Design Tip: Stick to these magnet recommendations:

  • Make sure your shape is a clean, minimal-point vector dieline so it stays true when cut.
  • If you knock out words (i.e. a black background with white text), use a regular or bold font. 
  • Use 8 pt. font or larger for text.

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