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Two hands putting a product into a sustainable packaging box printed with Smartpress on the side.

Sustainable Packaging: The Latest in Our Eco Evolution

At The Bernard Group, sustainable manufacturing also means sustainable packaging. So in 2023, we implemented a healthier packaging campaign to reduce virgin plastic and virgin paper-based products in our packing supplies and offer eco-packaging alternatives. See how our premium services continue to evolve with recycled or recyclable packing materials.

The On the Glass Club, with forest wall graphics, red booths and Custom One illuminated on a marquee.

Visual Marketing: How We Went from Ink to Rink

If an image is worth a thousand words, how much can an entire visual marketing strategy say? (Hint: A lot.) We partnered with Custom One to rebrand the Minnesota Wild’s On-the-Glass Club at the Xcel Energy Center, moving beyond print marketing with custom signage and graphics that heighten the whole experience. See how our collaboration created a manufacturing hat trick (and how we can do the same for your business environment).

Custom Wall Decals: See How We Went Big (& Then DIY)

With Smartpress, The Bernard Group’s online division, custom wall decals are more like custom wall art, with sizes from small to wow, that’s covering the whole wall, plus green alternative materials and an easy install for both messaging and decor. And if that’s not enough inspo, Smartpress graphic designer Nate Johannes shows you how wall decals gave our own space an upgrade you won’t believe. (Seriously… it’s larger than life!)

Two hands holding a custom magnet printed with Camp Lakeland.

Recycled Magnets: How We Got Sustainability to Stick

As an environmentally conscious company, we’re always trying to eco-ify our products and practices. The latest one we’re drawn to? Recycled magnets. With five magnet products in our repertoire, we had another opportunity to make the sustainable option the only option – so we did! See why our new eco friendly magnet material is the main attraction.

Green Goals: An Inside Look at Our Environmental Management System

No company can claim to be truly eco-friendly without having an Environmental Management System (EMS). As a carbon neutral, environmentally conscious business, The Bernard Group not only makes the claim, but also backs it up with new and ever more challenging (and rewarding) sustainability goals. Our clients have high expectations, so we’re sharing our 2022 EMS successes and previewing our 2023 priorities.

Sustainable Swap: 4 New Green Alternatives for Eco-Friendly Manufacturing

At The Bernard Group, eco-friendly manufacturing is a way of life. It’s part of everything we do, no matter how complex. And as conscious consumers, we know it’s important to you, too, which is why we’ve added four all-new green alternative materials to our lineup of sustainable products. With new eco options for Wall Decals, Floor Graphics and Clear Signs, we practice what we preach produce.

Go Big on Your Booth: 11 Conference & Trade Show Booth Ideas

The trade show or conference floor can be overwhelming. So many vendors, so many gimmicks. Get noticed for all the right reasons with our patented* trade show booth ideas. From banners that draw attendees (and potential clients) in, to handouts that leave a memorable impression, our trade show and conference marketing strategies ensure you not only succeed, but also show off.

*Not actually patented. But they’re really good!

FSC Certified Wood: Why Sustainable Materials Matter

At The Bernard Group, we’re constantly developing and offering eco-friendly design solutions to our clients. One such solution? FSC certified wood products. For marketing concepts and retail fixtures, these sustainably-sourced materials prove that what you use to build your projects is just as important as the designs themselves.