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Prost to Print: 5 Ideas for Oktoberfest Marketing (& Other Fall Events!)

With authentic beer, savory wurst, traditional games and live music, Oktoberfest sells itself, right? Nein. While the lure of lederhosen may be strong, your Oktoberfest marketing must be stronger to build awareness for your events and get people in the door. Before you plan for pretzels and polka, promote with our top five print marketing ideas. (Hint: You’ll want them for harvest and fall festivals, too!)

Artists Print With The Bernard Group

For professional artists and hobbyists alike, making high caliber prints of your creations is essential to keeping your business or side hustle booming. The Bernard Group helps bring this vision to life with the highest quality substrates and color matching that can’t be beat, whether you sell art online, showcase framed pieces at fairs or market custom prints at expos. Check out our design tips for custom art designed with paper, canvas and metal and use TBG as your secret weapon for artistic success

Patriotic Printing: Design Ideas for Adding Americana into Advertising

Holidays often mean two things for your business: a busy few weeks and a boost in sales. And the key to a successful campaign? The right design at the right time. For the Fourth of July, we’re talking patriotic and Americana printing that celebrates the season and engages the community. From subtle stars and stripes to bold red, white and blue, check out these easy and effective ideas for adding strategic spirit to your Fourth of July signage and print marketing. 

Pop-up Promotion: 5 Ways to Use Retractable Banners

When you think Retractable Banners, you think event marketing. But with our custom banner printing options like convenient sizes and portability, you’ll also think real estate advertisements, product announcements, visual aids, trade shows and more. In durable, tear-resistant vinyl, our pop-up banners do more than promote. But don’t just take our word for it – read on to hear what five of our customers have to say.

Custom Banners: The Essentials for Printing & Hanging

When you have something important to say, why not go big? Lightweight, durable and reusable, custom banners are so versatile and give designers the flexibility to attract attention in a big way. So before you hang up mesh or vinyl banners, take a look at the customizing options available to you.

Logo Lure: Promotional Products Build Brand Recognition & Loyalty

Stretching your marketing dollars is more important than ever. It goes without saying, you need a strategy that repeatedly pays off, not just a one-time wonder. Investing in promotional products is a tactic that advertises your business and boosts awareness practically anywhere. And we’re not talking just the obvious water bottles and keychains for giveaways. From apparel and drinkware to tech and essential PPE, the range of branded items is wide and profitable.

Five metal prints with various imagery lined up from largest to smallest.

Introducing Metal Prints: Stunningly Detailed, Fine Art Quality Decor

Whether you’re designing a sophisticated atmosphere in your office or decorating your home with memories and moments, custom Metal Prints furnish any space with a high-end look and vibrant, engaging color. Created with durable dye sublimation printing, our aluminum prints bring your favorite photos to life, display your brand in brilliant fashion and showcase artwork with high-resolution clarity like you’ve never seen. 

Commercial Printing: How a Manufacturer Makes the Most of Marketing

For manufacturers big and small, print marketing is essential to meeting sales goals and creating brand awareness. With custom catalogs, direct mail marketing, wall art, training collateral and more, the team at Walker Manufacturing Company finds print to be a strategic seed that just keeps growing. 

ESOP: What are the Benefits of working with an Employee-Owned Company?

An Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) treats employees as assets because the employees are also owners, investors and shareholders of the company. While there are various legal and tax definitions of an ESOP business, the simplest explanation is that it allows a company to sell itself to its employees. The Bernard Group exists as a 100% employee-owned company.

Silicone Edge Graphics: High-Impact Eye Candy for Office Art & Marketing

Your work environment directly affects your customers, guests and employees. If it’s drab and mundane, productivity and attitude will follow suit. Instead of generic stock photos in traditional frames, create a compelling space that inspires, motivates and excites with SEG Wall Graphics. With custom designs and a simple setup, this high-impact eye candy boosts morale and markets brilliantly.