Pop-up Promotion: 5 Ways to Use Retractable Banners

When you think Retractable Banners, you think event marketing. But with our custom banner printing options like convenient sizes and portability, you’ll also think real estate advertisements, product announcements, visual aids, trade shows and more. In durable, tear-resistant vinyl, our pop-up banners do more than promote. But don’t just take our word for it – read on to hear what five of our customers have to say.

Four pop-up banners standing in a row with various designs and imagery.

Advertise Anywhere

At The Bernard Group, retractable banner printing is seamless from start to finish. We make it simple with four sizes that suit any space and any message. For indoor use only, our banners feature smooth vinyl material and can be printed one-sided with content, imagery and more. 

But the best part? Setting them up and taking them down couldn’t be easier, thanks to them arriving pre-assembled inside an aluminum frame. Plus, a soft carrying case is included with each banner – you can truly bring it anywhere! (We weren’t kidding about the convenience.) 

A real estate pop-up banner printed with
A custom retractable banner with a silver stand printed with real estate imagery and

For Real Estate

Personalized banners make it easy to advertise new apartment buildings, condos and townhomes, even entire neighborhoods. The Bernard Group lets you explore custom layouts and designs to showcase floor plans, amenities and building features clearly.

For MVO Marketing Account Director Gail Sweat, that was the banner strategy to promote her client’s high-end off-campus student housing. 

They wanted this banner to display in a local hotel to encourage visitors to the college to stop by their property for a tour,” she said. “The banner enables us to use large graphics [and] is a super cost-efficient way to get an impactful message across.” 

A retractable banner printed with
A custom pop-up banner printed with

For Product & Service Marketing

Ideal for announcements of all kinds, custom vinyl banners like ours suit any indoor setting. Try them in retail stores for product reveals, kiosks to highlight your services and restaurants for new specials and menus. Or display essential safety messages, like WW Hospitality Marketing Creative Director Jennifer Halliday did. 

“Our client displayed the banner in their main lobby to remind guests and visitors to wear facial coverings in indoor settings,” she said. “We chose a retractable banner for its durability and longevity, as well as its easy installation and breakdown.”

Design Tip: Our online printing services can help adjust your art according to the banner size you choose, ensuring nothing gets cut off or covered. When setting up your file, we recommend leaving 1/2″ at the top for hanger installation, 6” at the bottom for base attachment and 1/4″ on each side for bleed.

A custom retractable banner printed with a white and navy design and

For Visual Aids & Presentations

Whether you’re a small business owner or part of a large corporation, doing your banner printing online comes in handy for marketing visuals. Make your own banner showing HR benefits during open enrollment, shed light on brand milestones, list company events and decorate reception spaces with your mission statement.

Michael Opalinski, marketing director at Molitor Financial Group, put Molitor’s logo in the limelight with his retractable banner. “We wanted to have something larger as a backdrop for videos and at events [and] needed something that could be stored and easily transportable,” he said.

Smartpress, The Bernard Group’s online division, offers an easy online ordering platform that also gave Opalinski price quotes in real time. “[I] like how easy it [is] to price out various print projects to show internal clients before spending a ton of time designing, only to have the specs change.”

A promotional banner printed with

For Trade Shows & Conventions

Perfect for trade shows, conventions and similar events, our custom retractable banners give you plenty of space for branding and logos, information about your company and overviews of your products and services. You can even use them to highlight sponsors or as directional signage to guide visitors.

For Lane Hickenbottom, owner of Omaha Headshot Company, LLC., a retractable banner was a key part of his display at a 10,000 Headshots event. “I was set up in a local mall and needed something easy and portable to identify my company as the provider,” he said. “I’m usually setting up in a short amount of time, [so] it’s imperative to have something that travels compact, [is] lightweight and sets up in seconds.”

The result? Pictures and an experience worth a thousand words. “It’s super versatile, packs up small [and] the print quality is superb. It looks like something I would’ve spent several hundred dollars more on,” said Hickenbottom.

A pop-up banner printed with a hot pink background and

For Churches & Nonprofit Organizations

As a world-class online printer, Smartpress and The Bernard Group cater to nonprofits, too. And when it comes to churches, spreading the Word is a must, whether it’s about welcoming visitors, youth group sign-ups or inspirational scriptures and studies. 

Graphic designer Erin Doerflinger created a banner for First Baptist Charlotte’s pre-teen space. “We chose the retractable format because the banner is portable and easy to store, making it perfect for multiple locations and events.”

With spirited shades and a simply engaging design, Doerflinger’s banners fit the bill. “The print quality is great,” she said. “The banner and stand are sturdy, and the bright colors really pop.”

No matter the message, the space or the industry, our retractable banners get it right every time.

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