Introducing Metal Prints: Stunningly Detailed, Fine Art Quality Decor

Five metal prints with various imagery lined up from largest to smallest.

Whether you’re designing a sophisticated atmosphere in your office or decorating your home with memories and moments, custom Metal Prints furnish any space with a high-end look and vibrant, engaging color. Created with durable dye sublimation printing, our aluminum prints bring your favorite photos to life, display your brand in brilliant fashion and showcase artwork with high-resolution clarity like you’ve never seen. 

A custom metal print of a pelican hanging on a wall next to a yellow chair, side table and lamp.
Six metal prints in various sizes and custom imagery.
Mounting hardware on the back of a metal print.

Picture This

When you add metal wall art and decor to your space, you also add interest and intrigue. We’re not just talking about posters with picture frames. With our superior online printing process, the result is a metal print that’s highly-detailed and highly-impressive. It’s fine art quality. Seriously.   

But where to display them? We offer convenient predetermined sizes to suit any indoor space. (Hint: Request custom sizing with our Custom Quote feature.) And installation is simple with a floating mount option that attaches to a metal bracket and creates the illusion of your print “floating” away from the wall.

Transform reception areas into welcoming ones that tell your brand’s story through art. Create vibrant walls in conference rooms with photography of your products or company in action. Or add personal touches to your home with photos that capture family memories more vividly and radiantly than you ever imagined. 

State of the Art

Long-lasting, these custom aluminum prints feature durable metal with a gloss white finish. With their white-coated aluminum and superior shine, your artwork and colors appear extremely vibrant and true to your design.

To produce the incredible imagery, our online printing services use dye sublimation printing. With this process, the ink actually infuses into the metal, resulting in smooth, captivating color. Water- and scratch-resistant, this printing technique gives you photogenic quality that stuns.

(The technical process consists of the ink being printed onto specially-formulated transfer paper with a mirrored image. With heat, time and pressure applied between the paper and the metal, a chemical reaction turns the ink into a colored gas that penetrates the metal to form a right-reading image. Very cool!) 

Five metal prints with various imagery lined up from largest to smallest.

Photo Finish

Working with our online division, Smartpress, means customization possibilities galore. As you begin imagining your photos and artwork on metal, consider these design tips:

  • Embrace color! Dye sublimation prints showcase every shade and hue with superior quality, no matter how detailed the photography or graphic design.
  • Keep important text or logos away from the perimeter of the artwork (try to keep a 1% margin on all four sides, so you have a 98% live area).
  • Avoid text in white ink and text that’s reversed with serif fonts smaller than 12 pt.
  • Turnaround times are generally longer, due to the involved imaging process.
  • Hang your print with a floating mount to create depth and dimension on your wall.
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