Logo Lure: Promotional Products Build Brand Recognition & Loyalty

Stretching your marketing dollars is more important than ever. It goes without saying, you need a strategy that repeatedly pays off, not just a one-time wonder. Investing in promotional products is a tactic that advertises your business and boosts awareness practically anywhere. And we’re not talking just the obvious water bottles and keychains for giveaways. From apparel and drinkware to tech and essential PPE, the range of branded items is wide and profitable.

A collection of promotional products laid out, including a jacket, polo, hats and a laptop bag.
An array of promotional drinkware items, including water bottles, a coffee mug and tumblers.

Advertise to Your Advantage

Smartpress, The Bernard Group’s online division, is not only the online printer for custom brochures, business cards and booklets, but also the king of branded merchandise: apparel. 

From lightweight basics like T-shirts, aprons, baseball caps and visors to layers like fleece tops, vests, sweatshirts and beanies, our apparel items run the gamut to fit your marketing needs. Use your logo to outfit staff with matching uniforms, create swag bags for donors at events and sponsor sports teams in your local community.

Along with apparel, there’s no branded promo item more practical than drinkware. Create gift sets for clients with wine glasses and a decanter or welcome kits for new employees with coffee mugs, water bottles or tumblers. Build personal and professional relationships while keeping your name top-of-mind with drinkware in plastic, glass and ceramic materials with insulated options, even the ever-popular koozie.

Four branded items laid out in two rows, including keychains and name tags.

Distinguish from the Competition 

When conferences and trade shows are on the horizon, badges and lanyards advertise your company to industry colleagues and unify the staff wearing them. Design these branded promotional items with your business’ logo, colors and patterns to help keep groups together and recognizable at large venues. 

Online printing with us means you can add convenient options like key clips and clear plastic pouches for name tags, identification and business cards. No marketing events in your future? No problem. Badges and lanyards are must-haves for employees to access your building daily, too.

Five electronic promo items, including a stylus pen, charger and iPod.
Four branded promotional products, including a tote bag, drawstring bag, lunch bag and backpack.

Right Products, Right Audience

As the saying goes: It’s the little things that count. That’s as true for relationships as it is for marketing. Even small accessories can leave the impression you want and make the connections you need. 

Promotional merchandise like pens, mechanical pencils, stylises and highlighters literally put your brand in your customer’s hand. Plus, they can be used as traditional offerings at events or as exclusive luxury gifts with top-of-the-line quality, so you can cater to established audiences and target wider ones, too. 

Tech is a necessity in your accessories selection. Think portable chargers and flash drives, portable speakers, fitness trackers and ear buds. More and more, these are the items your clients are using every day. Make them available with your logo, brand motto or corporate colors.

Make carrying these small products no big deal with a branded bag. Choose the style that suits your employees best or design an array of bags for any purpose, from drawstring to duffel, tote to toiletry, coolers to caddies.

Custom Smartpress branded coasters with a cork design and black text.
Custom branded kitchenware items, including an oven mitt with

Build a Foundation with Favorites

Sometimes the best strategy for leveraging promotional merchandise is to not overthink it. Potential clients and established customers alike love free stuff. Give the people what they want with:

  • Prize bundles with branded lip balm or stress balls
  • Giveaways with pop sockets and fidget spinners
  • Customized blankets
  • Golf tees and balls
  • Pocket flashlights
  • Pedometers

Whatever your angle, you can’t go wrong. And when compiling promotional gifts, don’t forget about food. Brand a themed gift bag with:

  • Wine and cheese
  • Coffee and chocolates 
  • Tea and cookies

Premade mixtures for cocktails, baking and grilling are always a hit. Combine your ingredients in a jar or separate them into tiered containers and tie them together with a bow. Be sure to tailor your messaging or theme to your audience. 

Promote Protection

Promotional products can even extend to essential personal protective equipment. Keeping your employees and offices safe, as well as the guests who visit your location, is of the utmost importance. Show your staff and customers we’re all in this together with branded face masks and ear saver clips, face shields and thermometers. 

Keep your work spaces stocked with personalized hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, clean keys and antimicrobial pens and lanyards. It’s a simple way to show solidarity and take the necessary precautions.

A collection of The Bernard Group branded items, including a notepad, mugs, hat, chip clip and silverware.

Expert Tip: Instead of inexpensive, one-time-use items, we suggest investing in high-end products that lead to a larger return on investment for your brand. These branded products make an elevated impact and give recipients something they’re excited to use and proud to flaunt – widening your marketing network. 

Think of ways you can create a professional presentation within your company (like a branded water carafe in a conference room) and go green to encourage long-term use. 

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