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Sustainable Printing: The Bernard Group’s Carbon Neutral Program

The Bernard Group is always looking for ways to further assert ourselves as the industry leader in sustainable manufacturing and corporate social responsibility. So in an effort to go carbon neutral and continue to reduce our business’ environmental impact, we’ve partnered with an environmental solutions provider to purchase Renewable Energy Certificates and Carbon Offsets

Market with Metal: 5 Reasons to Print Aluminum Signs

When it comes to signage, you want a message that lasts. Whether for branding, directions or safety, custom Aluminum Signs ensure just that – and look good doing it. For indoor or outdoor use, these durable metal signs add a vintage patina or modern flair to your business in any shape and size.

3 Reasons Marketers Say Print Isn’t Dead (And 1 Bonus!)

Ah, the age-old question: Is print dead or not? As digital marketing expands its reach, business owners want to know if print marketing is worth their time and money. Let us be the ones to put this never-ending duel to rest: No, print is not dead. Yes, it’s most definitely worth your investment.