3 Reasons Marketers Say Print Isn’t Dead (And 1 Bonus!)

Ah, the age-old question: Is print dead or not? As digital marketing expands its reach, business owners want to know if print marketing is worth their time and money. Let us be the ones to put this never-ending duel to rest: No, print is not dead. Yes, it’s most definitely worth your investment. 

Now, you might not be surprised to hear that from a visual merchandiser and printer. The Bernard Group specializes in creating premium experiential environments in all of their physical glory, resulting in an ROI you can rely on.

Make Print a Priority

Whether you run a small business trying to reach locals with direct mail, need to create collateral for corporate campaigns or simply like designing your own personalized stationery, custom print boosts the sales, makes the impact and builds the connections.

Still not convinced? Take it from our customers. Who better to hear from than business owners, marketers and strategizers just like you? They know the value of print and have reaped the rewards, both monetary and relational, so we’re skipping the stats and going straight to the source.

A Trusted Tactic with Lasting Impact

It’s pretty simple: People trust print. Think about it. How many times have you gotten an email and wondered if it was legit? Or assumed you were just part of a mass send? With digital marketing, there always seems to be a catch. You have to sign up for this or register for that to get the benefit.

With print marketing, it’s just the opposite. When done well, with a thoughtful design and messaging, it hits home in a successful way. For your clients and potential customers, what they see is what they get. And that means something.

Eric Riley, Managing/Creative Director of 4Creeks Creative:

“I know the speed of our world necessitates digital marketing strategies that are effective and reach our audience where they are. However, there is nothing like a well-executed print piece to create lasting impact with an audience. I would take a well-designed, professionally-executed print piece over a mountain of social posts.”

Sarah Forystek, American Advertising Awards Chair for AAF Central Minnesota:

“To honor the hard work of our members, the print medium added to the overall pomp and circumstance of the event. A digital invite would fall flat for our audience!”

Grace O’Hara, Project Manager at Seed Effect:

“Holding a physical copy [of our annual report] shares the stories in a way that’s more concrete. It helps show our supporters the impact they are making first-hand.”

David Gamboa, Communications Director at Elijah Rising:

“Our supporters really appreciate it when we hand them a copy [of our annual report]. It feels like a gift instead of an informational piece.”

Design Gets to Shine

Print gives graphic designers the spotlight in a way digital assets just can’t – and it makes a difference. After all, the quality of your marketing collateral reflects the quality of your business, products and services. 

Print also lets you do more with your packaging and presentation. Maybe you customize your shipment with personalized inserts. Or compile a multi-piece marketing package for new hires, subscribers, first-time clients or returning guests. With an asset arsenal like that, print is the versatile medium you need.

Mary Heffernan, owner and operator of Five Marys Farms:

“Print has allowed us to personalize our packages to our customers. Along with our ranch-raised meats, we are able to send notes and materials that enhance our products. Having a tangible product that our customers can hold is so important to us. We love to see how people use our product to connect with their family.” 

Liz Mester, Director of Communications and Engagement for Wings for Kids:

“For decades now, we have relied on print to reach and engage our supporters. Looking at our annual printed campaign pieces, we raised more money this year [2019] and acquired more new donors than the past two years. The key is to make sure your message, your quality and your design stand out from the pack.”

Melissa Williams, Vice President of Branding for Night In Boxes:

“Our print products are a huge part of the experience and really help us to achieve that enjoyable quality time spent with [the customer’s] significant other or children. Our print items are some of the most important aspects of our business and our customers’ experience.”

Increased Engagement & Relationships

Another invaluable thing print has going for it? People simply spend more time with it. Whether it’s direct mail, your product’s packaging or a lookbook handed out in-store, printed products stay with your established customers and convert potential ones.

And to be clear, just because a print piece sticks around, doesn’t automatically mean it’s worth someone’s time. Creating a piece that’s meaningful for both you and your audience builds connections that turn into capital.

Katie Tynes, Brand Designer at New Story Charity:

“Our donors love the tactility and care they feel when we give them something to hold in their hands. They can tell how much love, care and gratitude is poured into each print piece. It’s these types of details that lead to a wonderful donor experience and ultimately create more impact for the families we serve.”

Simeon Young, Lead Pastor at New Community Church: 

“Even though we use digital resources, most people like having something they can hold in their hands. Print can help reinforce every initiative, it just takes a little creativity.

“Using print is a way to cut through clutter and connect with our audience in a highly personal way. When you get something like [our booklet] in print and it’s not asking for anything in return, you feel valued. As an organization, we know our relationship will be strengthened.”

Nicole Chose, owner and Marketing Director of The Foursome and Boundary Clothing: 

“Direct mail and printed materials allow us to communicate directly with our customers with call-to-action promotions and events. These [print] materials help us be personal and connect with people in a virtual world that is more and more impersonal.”

Jessica Walker, owner of Better + Co.: 

“There’s something special about a physical card you receive in the mail. We are bombarded with so much digital stimuli every moment of the day. Receiving a physical card in the mail makes you pause and enjoy the present. There is nothing like it!”

Bonus: Print & Promotional Items

By now, you’re well-versed in the art of print advertising, but have you thought about promotional products and branded merchandise? That’s print, too. From apparel to drinkware, stationery and home items, promo pieces take marketing one step further. 

It just so happens that promotional items are in The Bernard Group’s online printing wheelhouse, so design yours to boost brand awareness, stay top of mind with customers, garner free publicity and even create unity among employees or group members.

Mark Larson, Operations Manager for Moka Origins:

“If you can make your promotional materials unique and well-branded, we find there is a lot of value in creating a memorable experience with a physical piece of content. People seem to miss holding something, and if they’re looking to carry something around, [it] might as well be about your brand.”

Fresh Print Ideas

Inspired to create your own brilliant print? Check out these design ideas and then get started:

  • Add perforation to custom postcards, door hangers, self-mailers and brochures to ensure interactive engagement. Create instant business cards, tear-off coupons and loyalty cards.
  • Play with textured stocks and finishes to give recipients a memorable, sensory experience. We recommend linen and felt weave paper stocks and velvety Soft Touch laminate.
  • Display your content in unexpected ways with our wide range of fold options. Design the ultimate opening experience with our exclusive Designer Folds.
  • Make your text pop with white ink printing.
  • Incorporate your brand colors for cohesion across multiple pieces or campaigns. We’re the industry experts in color matching! 
  • Don’t have a designer on staff? Our Layout Services team can help you with your design or create one for you.
  • Give your customers personalized recognition with variable data printing. With VDP, you can personalize each print piece by custom name, reward program ID, tiered promotions and more.
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