Striking Endcaps Showcase Colorful Product


As a retail beauty brand, Sephora knows the importance of letting products speak for themselves. The 50-year old French company wanted display cases that made it easy to shop, without distracting from powerful and fun product packaging. And they wanted it for more than 450 stores.

  • Services
    Design. Engineering. Fabrication. Print.
  • Materials
    Acrylic. Metal.
  • Number of Stores

The Challenge

Sephora needed shelves without any discernible fixtures, that fit within the limits of shelving depth restrictions. They also needed to be durable enough to stand up to heavy shopping traffic — while achieving as much product quantity as possible.

The final acrylic and metal display The Bernard Group designed for Sephora to achieve a floating and light feeling that lets the product speak for itself.
A closer look at the Sephora Endcap display
An up-close view of the acrylic signage designed for Sephora's endcap, showing the product ingredients to play up the floating illusion and color palette.

The Solution

We created gravity-defying shelves that have the illusion of floating, clear acrylic bins with metal support structure. These give the impression that product information is embedded in lucite, but are much less expensive and, even better, can be easily updated for new product features and launches. Additionally, dimensional mirrored letters and a bracket system enable this system to be implemented across more than 450 stores.

The Bernard Group designed and created a bracket system for this Sephora display to be assembled quickly and easily by store staff.
The Bernard Group's design for this Sephora display included modular brackets and hangers that let the product float and speak for itself.
A close up view of the products hangings on custom built brackets


A new approach to retail displays that are easily installed and modular, with a height variance of up to nine inches — all while meeting exacting size and durability guidelines. Even better, the shelving creates a high-end, floating effect that lets the products sell themselves.

“The shopability of everything The Bernard Group produces is outstanding. They’re always thorough in everything that they do. ”
Kimberly Hatcher, Manager, Brand Updates at Sephora

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