Glossy & Glass-like: The Wow Factor of Clear Acrylic Signs

Your business signage begins and ends with a storefront that gets customers in the door, right? Wrong. The way you present your brand, products and services inside and out has a major impact on sales, recognition and ambiance. One key player in your custom signage toolbox? Clear Acrylic Signs. Sophisticated with a glass-like appearance, they create a high-end look for logos, decor, utility placards and more.

A clear acrylic sign with

Distinct Details 

Made with a thick material, Clear Acrylic Signs offer a highly professional finish that’s robust and rigid. They’re even printed with UV ink for durability and increased resistance to harsh outdoor elements. And while the material should be handled with care, acrylic is more scratch-resistant than its signage counterpart, PETG, so its refined look really lasts. 

Great for permanent displays with business names and logos, custom acrylic signs are also ideal for showcasing artwork and imagery with vivid, bold colors. As you design your signs for online printing, keep in mind their .118” thickness and light weight make them best suited for wall mounting indoors or out. (They come with convenient drilling and hardware options to do just that.)

A clear acrylic sign printed with
A clear acrylic utility sign with

Vital Signs

Whether you’re a small business owner or part of the corporate world, sign printing is essential for room numbers, office placards, logo displays and lobby directories. Clear Acrylic Signs present it all with a clean, smart design.

For Hannah Money, graphic designer at StuartCo, her business sign needs were practical: entryway signage for an apartment building.

“The vestibule has black walls, so we wanted something that would stand out and look refined,” Money said. “We decided acrylic with white print would be a really nice complement to the dark walls and add dimension and design to what is usually a utility sign.”

Branding comes down to even the smallest details, and Clear Acrylic Signs help you create a cohesive look that lasts, no matter if it’s an informational sign like Money’s, a mission statement with your logo or directional signage like the one the Ratkovich Company’s Maylin Jacobo designed.

“I chose to do an acrylic sign to add more of a creative, sophisticated, modern look to the interior of one of our tenant buildings,” Jacobo said. “Adding creativity to signage can make a huge difference in the aesthetics.”

The Bernard Group’s custom options, ordering platform and communication makes the process simple and easy to modify. Not to mention the high-quality print. “The letters are crisp and clean, exactly what we were looking for,” said Money.

An array of custom clear acrylic signs lined up in rows with utility and safety messaging.

Crystal Clear Decor

Custom acrylic signs are not only a great business strategy, but also a decor tactic. Warm up your office with motivational imagery and quotes or complete your laundry room and bathroom with fun phrases or vintage-inspired artwork.

That’s the sweet spot for Dayna Reilly, owner and designer of Reilly Originals. On a mission to create “clean, fun messages that double as decor,” Reilly blends humor with hygiene. “It makes me smile to think someone left the bathroom with an unexpected laugh from one of my designs,” she said.

With swirling fonts and various layouts, Reilly’s artwork is a perfect fit for Clear Acrylic Signs. “The beautiful, glossy, glass-like finish creates an elegance and premium look that simply cannot be matched,” she said, noting that “many of my signs are displayed in bathrooms and acrylic can handle moisture much better than wood.”

That “glossy, glass-like finish” was just what Rebecca Wheatman, Entertainment Art Director at Showtime Networks, Inc., wanted – and not for her workplace but for her wedding. To design safety signage for an entrance table, Wheatman turned to Clear Acrylic Signs.

“I find the format to be classy and elevated, even more so than the standard paper printout,” Wheatman said. “I wanted our guests to realize the importance of the message [and] a sturdy acrylic sign seemed to be the perfect fit. It also feels special, which is what I wanted for our big day.”

Reilly and Wheatman both note how impressive the turnaround time, tracking and product quality is at The Bernard Group. They’re all essentials when working with a printer. “As a small business owner, the overall efficiency of the entire process is appreciated,” said Reilly.

Four clear acrylic signs with utility messaging and aluminum standoffs in the corners.

Transparent Tips

Take advantage of The Bernard Group’s online printing services to create your own Clear Acrylic Signs with these helpful hints:

Step up your signage with Clear Acrylic Signs