• Delivering creative retail solutions starts by asking the right questions — and continues with an all-hands-on-deck approach using our four core competencies.

Design + Strategy

Understanding context is the first step towards success. With extensive retail backgrounds, our designers come together to deliver winning strategies for our clients so that their brand stands out both tactically and aesthetically. We’re nimble and able to consistently produce effective solutions at the speed of retail – often setting new standards for creative services.

Product Development + Prototyping

Fresh ideas don’t come from a catalog. We understand that our clients need to express their brand values to customers in new and interesting ways and it’s why we staff ourselves with senior level innovators and inventors rich with industry experience.

Our Product Development team are expert problem solvers that build and engineer complex prototypes, fixtures, and displays that integrate mechanics and technology with nearly any substrate.

A Bernard Group employee welds metal frames for a custom display.

Project Management

It’s impossible to overstate the value our project managers bring to the job. From keeping track of hundreds of rounds of edits to complex kitting/distributions to thousands of stores, the potential for something to go wrong is always there. Our team is here to manage and protect your project every step of the way.

At The Bernard Group, complex, large projects are handled flawlessly and on time by experienced project managers.

Production + Fulfillment

Our Print and Fabrication teams run 24/7 occupying over half a million square feet of space. We invest in the newest technology because being on the cutting edge allows us to produce a superior product. We’re specialists in combining complex production and customized distribution rollouts to thousands of locations all while offering flexible fulfillment and inventory management options that can accommodate a wide variety of complex programs.

We’re never off the clock. We keep promises—and deadlines—and are keenly aware of the need for speed in everything we do.

An overhead view of a production line at The Bernard Group.
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