styGreen: An Eco-Friendly Sign of the Times

Ready to green your in-store marketing routine? Do it with our eco-alternative to styrene: styGreen®. Plant-based and recyclable, this eco-friendly sign material sends the right message on your business and retail signage. We spoke to Matt Hazel, senior director of Supply Chain Management at The Bernard Group, about what makes this sustainable substrate so special.

Two plants emerging from the dirt.

styGreen Specifics

As an eco-friendly manufacturer, we’re always looking for innovative ways to keep us leading the sustainable fixture charge. With styGreen, we found just that. As one of two environmentally-conscious alternatives to Styrene Signs, styGreen defines smart sustainability. 


Available in two thicknesses (.020” or .030”), it checks all the forward-thinking boxes:


  • Produces up to 80% fewer greenhouse gases than its non-sustainable counterpart.
  • Uses up to 52% less non-renewable resources in its manufacturing process. 
  • Dissolves in water, so it’s ocean-safe.
  • Breaks down in landfills, so it’s degradable. 


Ideal for indoor branding, promotions and advertisements, styGreen steps up to the signage plate whether you’re a small business owner, large retailer or nonprofit organization. 


Hint: That other earth-friendly option for styrene we mentioned? It’s called Paper-Based Styrene Alternative and is 100% recyclable, PVC-free and FSC certified. 

A styGreen eco-friendly sign with a beach and ocean design.


Before you design your styGreen signs, check out this behind-the-scenes look at how styGreen became part of our online printing services.


What makes styGreen special?

Matt Hazel: “Currently it’s the only plant-based plastic used in the print industry. It’s a great alternative to the status quo.”


What types of projects are ideal for styGreen? 

“Anyone looking for a rigid board for print and who needs it to be more durable than a paper-based material.”


How does it differ from traditional polystyrene material?

“Polystyrene is a petroleum-based material. styGreen is a plant-based material that utilizes a PLA (polylactic acid) compound. Polystyrene is not designed to break down. styGreen is designed to degrade when exposed to moisture in the landfills.”


Tell us about the process The Bernard Group underwent to develop and launch this product.

“We worked with a plastics developer to develop a plant-based plastic that our customers wanted. The process took years to develop and is still being improved with every run we’ve manufactured.”


What spurred us to create it for online printing?

“This material was created because customers wanted an alternative to petroleum-based material. Customers want sustainable materials.” 


Have you seen an increase in demand for eco-friendly materials like styGreen?

“Demand for sustainable materials continues to grow. Luckily, we’ve been able to keep up with the demand. I appreciate companies willing to be early adopters for new technology.”


Hint: Have questions about designing your signs? We’ve got answers: Styrene Signs FAQ.